After Reviewing The Play, Katy Perry's Dog Is Unbelievably Cute

Intentional cuteness overload.

The ruling on the field stands: Katy Perry gets a time-out with her pup for some ruff play.

Ahead of the singer's halftime performance at the Super Bowl on Feb. 1, Katy is spending quality time with her dog, Butters.

"V important puppy bowl meeting," KP wrote on Instagram, along with an adorable photo of her crouching down to confer with Butters on top secret football issues. Butters will not be playing in Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl (in fact, here's the starting lineup), but I'm sure the lil' canine has many opinions on the upcoming game, which airs on Super Bowl Sunday.

Katy herself has been teasing her show at the Big Game, posting some strange performance art as inspiration and sharing her bizarre beauty prep.

As for Butters, we imagine the pooch sharing a box seat with Demi Lovato's dog, Buddy. Demi trolled us all this morning when she wrote "#nudez" on Twitter, only to reveal a photo of her cutie:

What? A girl can 'ship dogs, right?