Ariana Grande Debuts 'Break Free' On 'Total Ariana Live,' Basically Breaks The Internet

It's an intergalactic pop song, it's coming to the VMAs, and there's NO EARTHLY WAY you won't dance.

The full force of the Arianator army descended on Times Square today for Ariana's Grande's "TRL" resurrection, aka "Total Ariana Live." And even fans who didn't make it into the MTV studio were waiting outside in the rain. Why? Because Ariana had promised to debut her new Zedd-assisted single "Break Free" on the show tonight, and when she did, she lit up the stage, the studio, and the Internet like a Christmas tree. (A dancing Christmas tree. Picture it. Isn't that just the happiest visual ever?)

After playing a hip-hop mix-up game and performing a stripped-down version of her hit single, "Problem," Ariana finally unleashed "Break Free" into the world. The uplifting, anthemic dance track instantly got the crowd on their feet, and plenty of fans took to the dance floor to show off their moves.

But even more fans took to Twitter to let the world know how much they loved the new song. (Many of which used the preferred method of expressing enthusiasm on the Internet: ALL CAPS!)

In case you missed it, check out a snippet of "Break Free" below.

Can't wait to see Ariana Grande perform "Break Free" live? Don't worry! She'll be performing it live for the first time ever at this year's VMAs on August 24th, at the Forum in Los Angeles.

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