Matt Bomer And Lady Gaga Will Get Pretty Close In 'American Horror Story: Hotel'

They might even kiss. Gasp!

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

We already know that "American Horror Story" season five will be set in a hotel, and we're guessing it might even take place during the Golden Age of Hollywood in the Garden of Allah hotel, but what we don't know is how Lady Gaga fits into all of this. Sure, Ryan Murphy teased that Gaga's role on "American Horror Story: Hotel" will "shock people," but doesn't everyone in "AHS" carry an air of shock and surprise?

Now, thanks to "Hotel" star Matt Bomer, we have our first major Gaga-centric clue. We caught up with Bomer at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, where he was promoting "Magic Mike XXL," and he spilled the deets on what we can expect in "AHS: Hotel."

"I know that I'll be working with Stefani [Germanotta], Lady Gaga, pretty extensively, so I'm excited about that," he said.

Okay, so this obviously means two things: one, he calls her Stefani, so they're pretty tight already, and two, their roles, whatever they may be, are undoubtedly intertwined. And that has us very excited for what's to come. Gaga and Bomer are both relative newbies to "AHS," so their dynamic will bring an exciting new energy to the franchise. But wait! There's more.

"Our storyline is really, really fun," he added. "And I think what they're doing with our characters is really unique and kind of an original take on it."

An original take on what exactly, Bomer? Hollywood romance? Because we simply can't wait until October to find out what the heck he's talking about, we have a few suggestions of our own:

They're Hollywood lovers.


It's a tale as old as time: Hollywood romance. If "American Horror Story: Hotel" is set during the Golden Age of Hollywood, then it would make total sense for Bomer to be the Humphrey Bogart to Gaga's Lauren Bacall. Glamour. Romance. Celebrity. Hollywood. That sounds like a true American horror story to us. Everyone knows the prettiest people keep the ugliest secrets.

They're hotel musicians.

Lady Gaga mic

Gaga and Bomer are both talented musicians IRL, so maybe they'll put their talents to good use on the small screen. Gaga could easily play the hotel jazz singer, while Bomer could be her swoon-worthy piano man.

They have an affair.

Matt Bomer shirtless

We're sticking to our theory that Gaga's playing an Old Hollywood starlet. (She was born to play that role.) But Bomer could be part of the hotel staff, lead by Kathy Bates. What if Gaga is actually romantically involved with Wes Bentley, and she and Bomer have a scandalous tryst in her hotel room? The drama!

He's the voice inside her head.

Lady Gaga

Hey, this is "American Horror Story." Don't act like stranger things haven't happened. Hollywood starlets have big egos, so who's to say her ego couldn't take the form of Matt Bomer?

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