Snoop Dogg Explains To Seth Rogen Where The Word 'Chronic' Comes From

It's probably not what you think.

Sure, they have different backgrounds and professions, but Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg are unquestionably kindred spirits.

Don't believe us? Just look to the latest episode of Snoop's "GGN" for proof.

On it, the two laugh (a lot) and tell stories about Seth's come up, as well as current and future projects. Plus, Snoop explains where the word "chronic" came from.

"White boy came; he had some sh-- called hydroponic," the Los Angeles native recalled of a day in 1991. "But, we got so motherf--kin' high, n---as said, 'hydrochronic.' And that's when we started calling it 'chronic.'"

"Is that where it came from?!" Seth asked with both awe and jubilation.

"In ebonics, we always got our own way of saying sh--, and translating what we thought we heard," Snoop added. "And that's what the way we thought we heard it."

"You know, that literally answers a question that I had. Which is, 'What the f--k does The Chronic mean?'" Seth cackled.

Head over to the show's YouTube page to check out the 20-minute episode in its entirety.

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