This Interactive Game Plots Your Own Personalized Murder -- 'Scream'-Style

Get gruesome before the show's premiere on June 30.

A whole bunch of folks have bitten the dust (in bloody fashion) throughout the "Scream" film franchise, but how would you croak if you selected the path to your own deadly demise?

With the small-screen adaptation of the horror movies making its highly anticipated debut on MTV (in eight days!!), viewers now have the opportunity to choose their own murder. The personalized, frightful story -- which is from the guy or gals' POV in the interactive video (created with company Interlude) below -- unfolds differently depending on the picks each user makes (for example, would you go check out a mysterious noise or ignore it?).

But the end result is always the same: There will be blood, and you will be slaughtered. It might come after your first selection or maybe your last. So are you going to be axed after dialing the popo or perish while hiding in the closet? Ghostface is coming to get ya, and you aren't escaping this scary scenario alive...

Let the gory games begin, and share your results in the comments. And be sure to catch the premiere of "Scream" on Tuesday, June 30 at 10/9c.

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