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Eve 6 Prepares To Shoot "Promise" Video

Eve 6 has wrapped work on its second album, titled "Horrorscope," and next week the band will be in Los Angeles to shoot a video for a new track, "Promise," the first planned single from the new record.

Director Marcos Siega, who also filmed the clips for Papa Roach's "Last Resort," Blink-182's "All The Small Things," and Sevendust's "Waffle," among others, will shoot Eve 6's "Promise" clip, which will feature a handful of teens walking out on summer jobs as the trio performs in a rather unexpected location.

MTV caught up with the Eve 6 trio of Jon Siebels, Tony Fagenson, and Max Collins at last month's HFStival show at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, and the band talked about its high expectations for the new record.

[article id="1443753"]"The new album is called 'Horrorscope,'"[/article] Siebels said.

[article id="1443753"]"'Horrorscope,'"[/article] Fagenson reiterated.

[article id="1443753"]"It's actually called 'Ho-ho-roar-scope,'"[/article] Collins joked.

[article id="1443753"]"And it comes out in the middle of July,"[/article] Siebels added.

[article id="1443753"]"It's ho-iffic,"[/article] Collins said.

[article id="1443753"]"It's ho-ibble,"[/article] Siebels said, building on Collins' meager pun.

[article id="1443753"]"It's pretty much a better version of what we do,"[/article] Fagenson said. [article id="1443753"]"It's a lot better than the first record. I'll say that."[/article]

[article id="1443753"]"We're very proud of it,"[/article] Collins continued.

[article id="1443753"]"We are,"[/article] Fagenson agreed. [article id="1443753"]"We worked hard on it, and you will like it. Trust us. Listen to us."[/article]

[article id="1443753"]"You'll like it," [RealVideo][/article]

Collins concluded, in a mock hopeful tone.

Eve 6's "Horrorscope" will be released on July 25, and the band will head out on the road for a promotional tour with Goldfinger and Dynamite Hack, starting on July 6 in Atlanta.