Method Man Says Sitcom Isn't Showing The Real 'Method & Red'

Rapper says creative conflicts led to extended hiatus for show.

Method Man is a mad rapper. Not in the same sense as the playa-hating Mad Rapper character made famous by Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie. Meth is upset about the lack of respect he's been getting from the media, his record company and producers of his TV show.

"That's all me being vocal enough and not being phony and listening when they tell you, 'You're gonna be a big star,' " Meth said of all the rumblings coming from Tinseltown regarding his comedy "Method & Red." " 'Here's your executive producer credit. You're the boss.' I'm not listening."

Almost as soon as the sitcom starring Johnny Blaze and partner Redman debuted on FOX in the spring, stories appeared in the press about strife on the set (see [article id="1488447"]"Only Thing Meth, Red Dislike About 'Method & Red': The Title"[/article]). Many of them painted Meth as a whiner, and some even said he got into fights with the staff. Meth denies any physical altercations, saying he only fought to maintain the show's integrity.

"I'm not complaining about money, I'm not complaining about promotions," he said. "I'm complaining about 'Where are they trying to go with these storylines?' I'm a grown-ass man, I shouldn't be at a kid's birthday party [on TV]. Me and Redman, what we didn't realize when we came into this and tried to do this television show, [is that] we already had a audience. We was bringing an audience to FOX. They had us feeling like we was going to broaden our audience. See, the audience we brought to FOX, they alienated them off top if you ask me.

"I'm not badmouthing the show, 'cause for real, if me and Redman wasn't on that show, it would be great," he added. "The writing was not bad, it just wasn't for me and Redman. If Keenan and Kel was on there, it would've been funny. But me and Redman, based on [our past, our fans] already see us as hardcore, stoners or whatever -- then they look at the show and they us speeding stuff up, using sound effects like 'boiiiing.' They look at this like, 'What in the hell?' I'm looking at it the same way. ... I appreciate FOX for giving us the opportunity to do it, it just wasn't a good marriage. We had to divorce."

Although the show's star talks about "Method and Red" in the past tense, there still is hope that the program will get an overhaul. Meth said the show hasn't been canceled, but that he and Red are on a long hiatus.

In the interim, Meth wants to sell more albums. He's still heated about the love -- or lack thereof -- he received for Tical 0: The Prequel.

"Critics been trying to tear me down," he said. "I knew that was coming, because it was so much time in between albums. People think they know you, but they could never figure me out. That's why I said in my first song, 'Method Man,' 'You don't know me and you don't know my style.' Don't try to figure me. As soon as you try to figure me, you lose me."

Though Tical 0 debuted at #2 in May, Meth said Def Jam was unwilling to support him. "The album went gold by itself with no promotion or nothing," he said. "After that, nobody paid attention. I don't mean the fans didn't pay attention, I mean the label, radio, BET, MTV, nobody wanted to pay attention. Do you know Def Jam didn't even want to give me a second video? If an album goes gold with just a street single and I've been with you eight, nine years loyally, I can't get a second video?"

Meth did recently complete a split video for "Show" and his album's intro.

While the Ticallion Stallion can't stand anybody beating him down with their words or pens, he'll take a joystick-induced butt-whippin' any day of the week. He's one of a plethora of hip-hop personalities featured on the new "Def Jam: Fight for NY" video game.

"I still don't have the ill-ass move," he said of the game, laughing. "It's never gonna be what I want it to be. There's a lot of dudes on there that do have the ill-ass move. Now you can use your whole environment to your advantage. You use speakers, walls, trains. Based on the fact they took it outside the ring, its not just wrestling, it's really like a fight club thing. You'll spend a couple of hours just spending everybody's moves out. The game is pretty cool. I can't even front."

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