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Ariana Grande Recruits Help For Majestically Choreographed 'Thank U, Next' TV Debut

Even when she almost trips, it's still majestic

Have you seen The First Wives Club? It's not on Netflix right now, but it probably will be someday soon — it's the precise kind of '90s nostalgia that would sit cozy next to Friends and Hocus Pocus in your watch queue. It'll make you feel good, especially that grand finale where Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, and Diane Keaton all belt out "You Don't Own Me" dressed in fabulous white ensembles.

Ariana Grande has seen The First Wives Club. You can tell because Tuesday (November 6), she brought her best white outfit and two finest back-up singers to Ellen to debut her new self-actualized single "Thank U, Next" in a sequence that played like her very own major cinematic moment.

Ari's made quite a few TV appearances lately, but both her orchestral BBC special and Wicked tribute were pre-taped weeks ago. This Ellen performance was our first chance to get a glimpse at the 25-year-old artist after a harrowing few months where she ended an engagement and lost an ex to an accidental overdose.

All of this is addressed in the song, naturally, and on Ellen, Ari's poise and control make her delivery of the song an event. It's one thing to sing the words, "I'm so fucking grateful for my ex," and it's another to really look like you mean them.

It's quite another thing to do this all in stilettos, nearly trip, exclaim, "Oh my god!," laugh about it, and then finish the rest of the routine without a hitch. Bless her.

Watch the entire performance above, then maybe go see if The First Wives Club is on Hulu or something?

UPDATE: Oh, and then watch the just-dropped "Breathin" video, too.