9 Scenes That Convinced Us Rian Johnson Is Perfect For 'Star Wars'

Basically the entirety of 'Ozymandias.'

Rian Johnson is directing "Star Wars: Episode VIII," and this is very good news.

Not convinced? Maybe you should consider that Johnson directed three very good movies and three of "Breaking Bad's" finest episodes, including "Ozymandias," which creator Vince Gilligan said was probably their best ever.

You still don't believe me? Well, here's a video crash course on the great work Johnson has done over the course of his career.

"Brick," Johnson's high school-set noir, got credit for being a clever twist on the genre thanks to the stylized dialogue that made Joseph Gordon-Levitt talk more like Humphrey Bogart than any teen we know, but it's also impeccably made.

In the scene above, Johnson uses camera movement to enhance everything that's going on in front of it.

Below, listen to how Johnson uses sound in this chase scene, especially during its final moments.

The opening sequence of "Brothers Bloom" mostly speaks for itself as an excellent use of narration, attention to detail and tone.

The first scene of this compilation is a single-take card trick that's impressive for reasons beyond Rachel Weisz slight of hand. Notice the placement of the mirror.

For the "Looper" flash forward, Johnson forgoes the "25 Years Later" jump and instead uses a tight and effective montage to explain how JGL Joe became Bruce Willis Joe.

I'd only watch the video below if you've already seen "Looper." If you have, enjoy revisiting this classic.

Onto Johnson's "Breaking Bad" work. He began his three-episode run with the brilliant bottle episode "Fly." Since this is a TV series, Johnson is conforming to the show's style, but each sequence is expertly handled.

The conclusion of "Fifty-One" was simply one of the best scenes that Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn shared, and that's saying something.

Two of the highlights of "Ozymandias" were some of the most gut-wrenching scenes of the series. The below tribute to the episode includes clips of Walt's fight with his family and his emotional phone call, but they need to be watched in their original format to get the full effect.

If some of Johnson's best work on TV and film hasn't convinced you that he is the right man for "Star Wars: Episode VIII," maybe this video of him singing Weird Al's "Yoda" will.

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