Macy Gray Plans The Id LP, 'Spider-Man' Role

Soul diva's second album due in summer; she shoots performance scene this week for next year's 'Spider-Man.'

Unlike some soul divas, Macy Gray doesn't seem to have much of an ego — but it sure sounds like she has a pretty fabulous id.

"It's like if you were to take a Hershey's kiss and eat it while you're on a roller-coaster ride to the moon," the singer said about The Id, her follow up to her Grammy-winning breakthrough, 1999's On How Life Is. "While you're on the moon, you get your nails done, get your hair done, and put on your best clothes. That's what my record's like."

Gray's recording schedule for The Id also hasn't prevented her from kick-starting her film career. Last month, she wrapped her debut role as what she calls "a ghetto fabulous hoochie mama" in "Training Day," starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. This week, she'll shoot a performance scene for 2002's "Spider-Man."

Gray said she hopes to wrap work on The Id by the end of the month and have the album out in June or July.

"I'm really excited — anytime you have a good first record, even if you don't admit it, you're nervous about your second one, 'cause you always wanna do better," she said. "You definitely don't wanna do worse. So, it was crazy making it, but I finally think it's coming together, and it's gonna be hot. Can't wait."

Gray said the feel of The Id reflects the free-spirited approach she took in the studio.

"It's a wild album," she said. "It's still me, [but] this time, I did whatever I wanted."