Avril Lavigne Falls Through The Rabbit Hole For 'Alice' Video

Clip features scenes from 'Alice in Wonderland' interspersed with newly shot footage of the Canadian pop star.

It's a tale as old as time: Distraught girl sees bunny, follows him, falls down rabbit hole and finds herself in a mad, mad world. It also happens to be the plot for Avril Lavigne's new music video, "Alice," off the [article id="1629515"]"Alice in Wonderland" soundtrack[/article], which premiered on Vevo.

The video opens with Lavigne decked out in modern-day pop-punk street clothes. She sees a rabbit and follows him into a world that features Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, a piano and lots and lots of mushrooms. In this world, it seems, she must wear an old-timey dress.

Scenes from the film are edited with newly shot scenes of Lavigne. The Canadian pop star stares and runs around aimlessly as she sings, "When the world's crashing down/ When I fall and hit the ground/ I will turn myself around/ Don't you try to stop me."

In one scene, she sits down at the Mad Hatter's tea party before running off to try to find her way back home. Eventually all works out for Lavigne. She's back in the real world with her memories of Wonderland safely intact as she fondly looks back.

Lavigne recently blogged about the video's premiere, writing, "I had so much fun doing this video. We shot it in the Los Angeles Arboretum. ... It was beautiful. We wanted the visuals to capture the spirit of the movie."

Although the video gives fans a taste of what they can expect from the Tim Burton-directed flick, Lavigne says that writing the song for the film has amped up her desire to see the finished product.

"I feel very lucky to be a part of Tim Burton's new film 'Alice in Wonderland,' " she blogged about the project. "Working on this project was such a treat! It was such a great experience and Tim Burton was an absolute pleasure. He is very smart. I am so grateful for this opportunity ... and can't wait to see the whole film!!!!"