How To Make Your Room Smell Like A YA Novel

These candles will make you feel like you’ve become part of your favorite novel.

While reading novels, we often feel transported to another time or place -- but they only engage a few of our senses... To take this feeling to a whole 'nother level, we need to invite our sense of smell to the party. The sense of smell is linked closely with memory and emotion, so engaging your sniffer will help immerse you even more in your fav fictional world.

Luckily, Etsy is a treasure trove of candles in every aroma you can imagine (and some you can’t!), so we picked some scents that will help bring a few of our favorite novels to life.

“The Hunger Games”

Although many of the odors from “The Hunger Games” are probably not so nice, what with the poverty in the districts and death in the arena, there are some pleasant scents that will transport you to the world of Panem without all that pesky fighting.


The smell of fresh bread always brings comfort, as does Peeta, the son of a baker. The Boy With The Bread candle “is a pleasant mixture of baking bread, various spices, and the Capitol showers.”

President Snow

President Snow may be a horrible human being, but the roses he always wears smell super sweet. Granted he wears them to cover the scent of blood, but, hey, roses! This President Snow candle is all roses and no blood.


Katniss is a complicated gal, so the candle named after her has a complicated array of fragrances: the smoky smell of burning firewood as befits the Girl on Fire, the tart scent of Macintosh Apples to remind us of her keen aim with a bow, and a grassy meadow with the hint of soot to represent District 12.


Sometimes it seems like lighting a match near Haymitch might actually set his breath on fire, so of course his namesake candle smells of rum, whiskey, and bourbon.


“Twilight” is more about the visual senses than the olfactory senses – think gorgeous sparkling vampires and sculpted hottie werewolves – but a few scents will make you feel like you’re in the middle of your very own supernatural love triangle.

Twilight Candle

Whether Bella is spending time with Edward, playing baseball with his family, or hanging out with Jacob, she spends a lot of time in the forest of Forks, Washington. The Twilight Forest candle, with its notes of pine needle and wood, will make you feel like you’re right there with her.

Bite Me

We know Edward’s skin is cold and sparkles, but how does he smell? Bella says he smells sweet (although Jacob says sickeningly sweet), so maybe something like this Bite Me candle with the “sweet fragrance of lime and orange that “sparkles” with effervescent highlights leading to a luscious blend of berry and cherry.”


Vampires claim that werewolves stink like wet dogs, but we think they’re just jealous of their awesome abs. This Werewolf pack of candles has several wolf-y scents, but the main Werewolf candle is “a light blend embodying the feral side of man containing natural musk, leather, and Tiger Eyes.”

Harry Potter

J. K. Rowling created a world that is a feast for all of the senses, including aromas that tickle and tantalize your nose. There are a ton of yummy smells to choose from, so here are a few to make you feel like you’ve magically apparated to the world of wizards.


Butterbeer: the drink of choice for wizards who fight evil. Not only do these candles smell like the lip-smackingly delicious beverage with their blend of butterscotch, caramel, and rum, but they look like the real thing, too!


When the young wizards need advice or a giant shoulder to lean on, they visit Hagrid. The Hagrid’s Hut candle evokes the sense of comfort and caring he gives them with “notes of smoke, wood, cloves, and sandalwood.”

Hogwarts Library

When it’s time to channel your inner Hermione, light the Hogwarts Library candle and then haul out your books. The scent of cedar, dusk, freesia, and hint of peony will help you get your study on.

Headmaster's Office


It’s usually not a good thing to be called into the headmaster’s office, but Harry and Dumbledore have a special relationship. The smell of cedarwood vanilla, fireplace and lemon brings to mind all the wise advice Dumbledore gives Harry.

Spell Set

The Harry Potter Spell Set candles are not for a particular place or thing, instead they are inspired by the feelings when a wand is waved to cast some of the most popular spells. For example, Incendio is “a magical fire, burning with the scent of firewood and cloves, let this warm your home with fire and light!”


Post-apocalyptic worlds probably don’t smell that great in general, but there are always a few whiffs of pleasantness to whisk you to the Chicago of the future.

Amity Harvest

The Amity faction is kind of like totally happy hippies, man, and they handle the farming outside the fence. The Amity Harvest candle smells like Macintosh apples, reminiscent of the autumn harvest.


Four is so swoon-worthy that even all hot and sweaty you know he still smells good. The Tobias "Four" Eaton candle captures his fine fragrance with “a mix of gunpowder, mint, fresh air, and the Dauntless Training Room.”


Tris transforms from timid and selfless Abnegation to total kick-ass Dauntless, and this journey is represented by the blend of fragrances in the Tris candle: crisp apples, the Dauntless training room, fresh flowers, and gunpowder.

“The Fault In Our Stars"

It’s possible you were crying too hard to even notice there was anything to smell other than the bland odor of tissues, but there are a few aromas that can transfer you to the domain of Hazel and Augustus.


When people are sick, it’s very important that their environment stays clean, so the TFIOS candle has the fragrance of clean cotton. It then adds vanilla to capture the sweet sadness of their story.


Gus is an interesting dude, so of course the Augustus candle is an interesting mix: coffee, Dutch tulips, hazelnuts, cologne, unlit cigarettes, and metaphors.

Dutch Picnic

To tell Hazel that he’s using his sick kid wish to take her to Amsterdam, Gus takes her on a picnic to eat a bunch of orange foods, since it’s the national color of the Netherlands. That awe-worthy moment is captured by this Dutch Picnic candle.