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Trouble Throughout the House
Season 1 E 4 • 06/04/1992
Becky is in the studio recording her song, "Mr. Sunshine." It's clear she's looking for some action, as she cuddles with friend/producer Adam. Becky later dresses up for a party at the Limelight by putting Dixie cups in her bra. Heather is unnerved by Becky's overt sexual behavior, especially as Becky gets more out of control as the party rages on.

A house meeting is called after Heather and Becky wake up Kevin by jumping in his bed after the party. Tension runs high as the roommates gang up on Eric and his visiting sister. Eric feels like nobody gives him a fair shot. Heather suggests he either live with it or go to a hotel.

After the meeting, Kevin writes Eric a long letter about their relationship and the current conflicts. The roomies pass around and discuss the letter. Eric gets angrier about the letter as he waits for Kevin to return home. When Kevin does arrive, Eric verbally attacks him for being so passive-aggressive.