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Super Made: Family Make-over
Season 8 E 5 • 10/07/2007
Welcome to Litchfield, Conn., where everyone is sporty and skinny. Well, almost everyone. Meet 15-year-old Cindy Mosher and her family. They're out of shape and love to eat. It's time for a MADE family makeover! Cindy is a vivacious girl who has a passion for music, funky fashion and food. Her whole family loves to eat, and nothing brings them together quite like a good meal. But that mentality has left Cindy feeling not so great about her body. Self-conscious about her appearance, Cindy admits she keeps to herself and doesn't have many friends. But, with her sweet 16 just around the corner, she wants to shed 30 pounds and feel like a new person. Cindy wants to be MADE into a lean, mean birthday party machine! Before they meet their MADE coach, the Moshers sit down for one last family feast of macaroni and cheese, but the grand meal is interrupted by their coach, Alicia. Having won Miss Bikini Universe and Miss Muscle and Fitness, Alicia's ready to whip the family into shape. Knowing that food is what brings them together, Alicia takes each family member aside and lets them know that their support will help Cindy -- and them -- lose weight. Looks like it's going to be a family affair! The family's fat burn boot camp kicks off with a weigh-in. Although the Mosher men seem to be in a considerable position to become fit, the women are in very poor shape. Cindy's mother, Bonnie, has 45% body fat, which is a serious health issue. So MADE coach Alicia and a dietician bust into the Moshers' house and get rid of all the junk food that will hamper their weight-loss goals. The family watches in disbelief as bags and bags of food are thrown out. With all their comfort food gone, Cindy breaks down in tears and her father, Chris, storms off in a rage. This is going to be much harder than they thought. Alicia tries to build up the Mosher morale by taking Cindy and her mother shopping for healthy new foods. When they bring home lots of veggies and teas, Cindy's father is still steaming about the food that was thrown out. Disgruntled, the family sits down silently to share a salad for dinner. The once vibrant dinner table is now totally stale. Could food tear this family apart? As if a lack of comfort food wasn't enough, Alicia bangs on their door at 5:30 a.m. and tells the Moshers to suit up for a jog. It's part of the MADE coach's plan to work Cindy and her family's butts off, trying to get them to slim down by the next weigh-in. And it works. As they individually hop on the scale, good news is here. Cindy's dad lost 11 pounds and Cindy lost seven. As they celebrate, Cindy's mother takes the scale, and she's "only" lost three pounds. Cindy wants to look great for her sweet 16 party, so she sets out to find the perfect dress. MADE coach Alicia volunteers to take her shopping, on one condition -- Cindy must buy a dress that's too small for her so she'll have to get motivated and shed some pounds in order to fit into it. When Cindy finds the perfect dress, she purchases a smaller size and crosses her fingers that it'll fit on her big day. To make sure Cindy will be able to wear that new dress, Alicia takes her fitness training to a whole new level. The MADE coach has the Mosher family take part in a 5K run. As they trek through the country terrain, Cindy discovers that her mother has taken a shortcut. Cheater! Alicia fears that without her family getting motivating and nurturing her progress, Cindy will turn right back to food for comfort. To help Cindy get the three things she needs most -- exercise, support and friendship -- coach Alicia enrolls her in a dance class. After her first class, Cindy tells Alicia that she hated it and doesn't want to be friends with "a bunch of skinny girls in tights." But Alicia's not having it. She insists that Cindy go back and act like she owns the class. A few days later, MADE coach Alicia finds out she has to go away on business. But that doesn't mean that Cindy and the rest of the Mosher family are off the hook when it comes to diet and exercise. Nope. In fact, Alicia's reinforcement is none other than NFL player Eddie George. With the help of his trainer, Eddie whips the family into shape with a game of football and some intense exercise drills. The Moshers' next MADE assignment will not only test their endurance but also the strength of their family bond. Eddie takes them on a hike, requiring teamwork and focus. After reaching the top of the mountain range, Eddie explains that the family made it to the top because they worked together and supported each other. He then tells them to take pride in being able to see such a gorgeous view together. As they head back down the mountain, Eddie realizes that Cindy's brother, Chris, is nowhere in sight -- he's taken a shortcut. Because of this, Eddie tells the rest of the Mosher family that they'll have to make up for Chris' absence by doing push-ups and sit-ups. Later, when Cindy's father tries to get the whole family to workout at home, things get heated between him and his son. Is the family cracking under pressure? Actually, it looks like the fog is starting to clear. MADE coach Alicia returns from her business trip and helps repair the family bond with a whitewater rafting trip. To stay out of the water, the Mosher family will have to work as a team. When they successfully complete the task, the family is feeling good. Then, to add to the enthusiasm, Cindy is invited to a dinner party with her dance classmates. Thoroughly excited to make new friends, Cindy is thrilled when her fellow dancers comment on how confident she is in class. Now it's time for the Mosher family's last weigh-in. And, when all is said and done, everyone has lost a significant amount of weight -- including the family dog! When Cindy finds out she's lost 18 pounds, she's a little disappointed because she had hoped to lose 30. But on the day of her big birthday bash, Cindy feels great when she gets a makeover and tries on her dress. It fits!