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Johnny Damon, Vince Neil, Ivan Tedesco
Season 11 E 7 • 04/19/2005
Johnny Damon, Vince Neil and Ivan Tedesco are three celebrities who know that having a family doesn't mean you can't also have a pimped out crib.

From the moment you enter Boston Red Sox star Johnny Damon's Tampa home, you are greeted with baseball memorabilia. Even the elegant dining room contains a "Last Supper" portrait that has been transformed into Red Sox members. Johnny along with his wife and kids also enjoy an 8-seat movie theater, jet skis, a boat and a fully loaded game room.

Las Vegas is home to the rock star crib of Vince Neil and wife Lia. Colorful guitars and record plaques line the walls leading up the stairs and the theme continues into the game room. When this couple gets tired of playing pool on their leopard skin table with Playboy balls, they turn to their gigantic backyard swimming pool and Jacuzzi. As if that wasn't enough, Vince's car collection looks like it's straight out of Pimp My Ride, with a yellow hummer at the center, covered in flames and eye-catching custom rims.

Supercross Champion Ivan Tedesco and his wife live in luxury in their crib in Southern California. With a big screen TV and PS2 in the living room and an assortment of memorabilia in the office and game room, Ivan has no trouble finding inspiration. Upstairs, his wife has decorated the serene bedroom and bathroom with a sprinkle of candles in every corner.

Whether they're at work, at play, or just chilling at home, these celebrities know how to do it right.