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Julie Thinks Kevin is Psycho!
Season 1 E 11 • 07/23/1992

Crying hysterically, Julie explains to Norman and Eric that she and Kevin had a fight about a phone call and that Kevin threw a candleholder at her. She is scared of Kevin, thinks he is a psycho, and never wants to be alone with him again. Kevin denies brandishing the candleholder and says that the fight wasn't his fault, because Julie was rude to him on the phone and may have cost him a job. Kevin needs to get some space, so he goes back to Jersey City and walks through his old neighborhood with his girlfriend. The time does him some good and he decides to return to the house to deal with the situation with Julie. They go outside and continue to argue about the fight and differences. After a lot of yelling and harsh words, they finally calm down and apologize to each other. To let it all go, Kevin and Eric throw a big birthday bash. But the fighting isn't over, as Heather tussles with a guest and the police arrive...