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Becky Falls into Troubled Love
Season 1 E 8 • 07/02/1992
The girls head off to Jamaica, Mon. They hit the beach to scope out the men, and they aren't too proud to beg for some lovin'. The guys are left at the loft in freezing cold New York and are forced to bond with each other. The girls do it all: water-ski, party and enjoy the rays. While relaxing in the spa, the girls picture the guys at home being bored and missing the girls.

Back at home, Andre and Kevin head off to a night on the town and talk for the first time. They find themselves not as different from each other as they originally thought. Norman also is far from bored as he develops a relationship with Charles Perez, who he thinks may be the man of his dreams. Julie and Heather leave Jamaica a little disappointed by the available men. Becky, however, returns to NY with a new boyfriend in tow. But he's not from Jamaica; he's from the control room of the loft. Becky is getting it on with a Real World director.