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Soap Star
Season 8 E 16 • 01/12/2008
Meet Erick, a Pennsylvania native who has no social life and tends to get lost in the crowd. He's tired of being invisible; he's ready to step into the spotlight and prove he can wow the crowd. He wants to be MADE into a soap star to gain the respect of the kids at school and hopefully score a date. But can he go from high school dud to soap opera stud in just five weeks? Erick isn't your typical teenager. Instead of participating in athletics and activities, he's obsessed with soap operas, collects obituaries and volunteers at a retirement home. Erick enjoys hanging out with old folks because he knows he'll always be the life of the party. Meanwhile, at school, most of his friends are girls ... yet he has never had a girlfriend. Sick of being stuck in the friend zone, he wants to be MADE into a buff, bold soap star because they always get the girl. And Erick already knows who he wants to woo... Anne Marie is the love of Erick's life. Despite his feelings for her, Anne Marie sees Erick as a brother. But he's hoping that'll change over the next five weeks. When all is said and done, will Erick be able to sweep Anne Marie off her feet? While watching soaps with some female friends, Erick gets a surprise visit from Jacob Young, an Emmy award-winning soap star from All My Children and Erick's MADE coach. After Erick's shock wears off, he shows Jacob his Godfather impression and Jacob seems less than impressed. After explaining what it takes to be an actor, Jacob tells Erick to rest up for his first day of training. The next time Erick and Jacob meet, Erick is introduced to Tony, a personal trainer, because it's important that Erick look the part of a soap star. But Tony immediately discovers that Erick has never worked out a day in his life. After Erick's first workout, MADE coach Jacob Young takes Erick somewhere he feels more comfortable -- the retirement home. There, Erick finds someone to help him practice his very first script, and he inevitably bombs his lines. Jacob pulls him aside and helps him out by telling him there needs to be passion in his performance. After a couple more failed attempts, Jacob tells Erick that he wants him to spend the next couple weeks becoming a character named Drake, who's a jock and ladies' man ... the complete opposite of Erick. Everyday before school, Erick works on his physique at the gym, then rehearses his lines. And it dawns on Erick that this would be a good opportunity for him and Anne Marie to spend some time together, so he asks her to help him practice his lines. While MADE coach Jacob Young is in New York City shooting All My Children, Erick will be working with Rachel Feldman, an actress and acting coach. Expecting him to be in character, Rachel surprises Erick by sitting next to him in the school cafeteria and flirting. Although he's caught off guard and turns beet red, he plays along as Drake. Before she leaves, she gives him a peck on the cheek, which impresses everyone in the lunchroom. The next time they meet, though, it's all business. Rachel gives Erick some vocal exercises to do at home and says she wants to hone his improv skills. When she tells him to pretend he's a dog, Erick is a little embarrassed and finds it hard to focus on the task at hand when there's an attractive woman bossing him around. Although he gets the job done, Rachel realizes there's a lot of work ahead of them. Then, for the first time ever, Erick has a woman in his bedroom -- of course, it's just Rachel, but, hey, it's a start. After practicing some lines, Rachel tells Erick he must add a mantra to his morning routine to build his energy and confidence. When he balks at the idea, she yells at him -- and Erick thinks that's just the kind of attention he needs. Early one morning, Erick must meet Rachel to watch a soccer team practice. In his rush to get out the door, he skips his mantra and vocal exercises. When he meets up with Rachel, she explains the art of observation, saying Erick must observe others to understand his role as Drake. At school, Erick asks his cousin, Matt, if he can sit with him at lunch. Although they have nothing in common, Matt is a basketball player and perfect to study. The first thing Erick notices about the jocks is that they're loud and seem to enjoy chanting. Cocky, confident and naturally aggressive, they only seem to have one thing on their minds: girls. There's only so much Erick can learn in the lunchroom, though, so he decides to go to a football game with the basketball team. It's a wild time -- the team paints his face and he winds up crowd surfing! But the crash course in life as a jock leaves Erick with a hoarse voice from yelling too much. Despite losing his voice, Erick travels to New York City to meet MADE coach Jacob Young on the set of All My Children. Jacob is disappointed by Erick's voice, saying that if Erick had been doing his daily voice exercises, he wouldn't have lost it. If Erick really wants to be MADE into a soap star, he needs to follow through with his assignments. Even though he can only speak in a whisper, Erick is introduced to Ambyr Childers, another actor from All My Children. On set, Erick and Amber act out a scene. Jacob isn't too impressed, though. Jacob gives Erick a list of assignments so he can see what it's like to be a struggling New York City actor. If Erick really wants to be a soap star, he may have to do odd jobs between auditions. But after waiting tables, handing out fliers while dressed as a hot dog and pulling a rickshaw, Erick wonders whether acting is really worth all the hard work. Back in Pennsylvania, Rachel feels like Erick has wasted a week of practice due to his voice. With his big audition only two weeks away, Erick sees a doctor, who tells him to drink lots of tea and keep talking to a minimum. Then, since Rachel believes that Erick needs to work on his body language, he heads to an interpretive dance class, where he gets to shimmy and shake with a bunch of cute girls in leotards. When Erick heads back to school, Rachel instructs him not to speak at all. Every emotion must to be expressed through movement. It's mime time! Erick dons some makeup and puts on an interpretive show in front of his fellow classmates. After regaining his voice, Erick promises that he will never skip his mantra or vocal exercises ever again! Erick's next assignment is to change characters -- and clothes -- throughout the school day. He successfully portrays a gangster, an old man and a ladies' man. It's not easy being brave enough to pull off what he's doing, and Erick's classmates begin giving credit where credit's due. Full of confidence, Erick is starting to think that being MADE into a soap star is within his grasp. He figures he might as well go after another dream: scoring a date with Anne Marie. But when he asks her to go out, she says she just wants to be friends. Oh well, there's other fish in the sea! Before his big audition, Erick gets a makeover when MADE coach Jacob Young takes him shopping for new clothes, to the hair salon for a new 'do and ... to get his chest waxed. Ouch! While Erick's waiting to audition, Rachel surprises him, boosting his confidence before standing before All My Children's casting director. But as soon as the audition begins, Erick fumbles a line. He collects himself and starts from the top. When the casting director sits down with Erick to go over his performance, she lets him know that he has potential but isn't quite ready for such a big role. Although he doesn't get the part, she asks him to be an extra. Way to go! On the set of All My Children, Erick is definitely a changed man, and he is upgraded from an extra to a small speaking role. After getting a taste of what it's like to be a real actor, Erick is more confident and all the girls at school look at him differently. He even scores a date! Being MADE really paid off!