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Season 9 E 24 • 10/05/2008
Meet Brandon Baker, a humorous heavyweight with an appetite for consumption. Brandon's lazy lifestyle is threatening his health so he decides he wants to take a bit out of his problems by becoming made into a fit and fierce tri-athlete. When Brandon decides to eat one last big meal before training by order a huge pizza he got a surprise from the delivery boy. It was actually his new fitness nutrition coach, Matt who delivered a salad for him to eat. It was time for change so Matt had had threw out all of Brandon's junk food. Afterwards, Matt took in the torture machine or the scale and weighed Brandon at 271 pounds. The next morning his MADE coach had delivered a box with a note along with a new pair of sneakers. The note said that he had to walk 6, 000 steps which is 3 miles everyday. After Brandon's long walks everyday, his MADE coach sends him to a gym for boot camp. There he meets his MADE coach Alicia Marie, a fitness model and trainer that won many competitions. During the first workout with he thought she was psycho. Brandon later met with Amanda, an Olympic swimmer that competed in the 2000 games in Sydney who is going to train Brandon to swim. Brandon gets a custom fitted bike and with help from Alicia's friend Kevin, he helps Brandon train to ride on a bike. One month had passed and he checks in with his doctor and it seem that Brandon hasn't been taking the right dose of medication for his diabetes. This could affect his health and he might not even be able to race. Brandon later finds a local gay swim club and meets Jared. Jared later calls him to go to a gay club to dance. Problem is that he doesn't know how so he asks Alicia to teach him a few moves. A couple of days before the race he checks back in with Dr. Reedy. Brandon's numbers have gone down and it seems his diabetes is getting much better. He left the doctors office with a smile and the motivation to keep moving forward. Before race day, Brandon's fitness nutrition coach weighs him in again. Brandon now weighs 245 pounds. They arrive at the course bright and early. Brandon gets motivation from his friends and family cheering him on. He started off strong but had to really push himself when running the final miles of the race. Brandon finished the race and proved that even though he was heavy that doesn't mean he can't do what anyone else can do.