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Homecoming Queen
Season 9 E 29 • 12/06/2008
Meet Andrea, she's a pink haired zombie loving outcast who's oddball tendencies have always landed her on the outside looking in. Now Andrea wants to show all of her classmates even the undead can rise above by being MADE into her school's homecoming queen. She will have a fan dancing coach that will try to turn this corpse into a queen. Can Andrea shed her weird girl image and gain respect from the school? Can she juggle her old friends with the new ones or will Andrea graduate with the same old image? Andrea is a senior at Rock Bridge High School in Columbia, Missouri. Andrea wants to be MADE into a homecoming queen but Andrea's friends and her dad have valid concerns. Andrea and her friends are surprised by a zombie at her front door with an invitation to meet at her school's football field. When she arrived at the stands she heard a voice over the loudspeaker saying her name. That's when she meets burlesque fan dancer Veronica Varlow, her new MADE coach. Veronica Varlow asks her what the real reason she is here, and why she wants to be a homecoming queen. Andrea told her that she wanted to be taken seriously and connect with other people. Andrea's first assignment was to go out and pick ten strangers and ask them what they are looking for in a homecoming queen. The next day, Veronica Varlow comes over and Andrea shares old school pictures with her coach. Veronica Varlow realized her confidence was lacking. She wanted Andrea to write a love letter to herself and read it to her so that she can get a better understanding of how she feels inside. That afternoon Veronica Varlow brings Andrea to the gym where she meets D'Wayne, her personal trainer. Andrea is also told that her new gym routine will interfere with her zombie club meetings. Andrea tells her zombie loving friends about how she will miss going to the zombie club. Andrea finally worked on her love letter to herself and Veronica Varlow comes over. Veronica Varlow teaches her how to do the burlesque routine and maintain a confident and graceful posture. Andrea hasn't seen her friends in a while and feels as that she is neglecting them due to her busy MADE schedule. Andrea has finished her love letter to herself and reads it to Veronica Varlow. Andrea's coach tells her that her next assignment will have to be to read her love letter in front of her classmates. Andrea is shocked and feels that it's not necessary, but Veronica Varlow feels like she's being disrespected. Veronica Varlow surprises Andrea with tickets to go to the city for the weekend. When they arrived in the city they meet with photographer Burke Heffner for a professional photo shoot. Later that evening, they arrived at The Slipper Room where Veronica Varlow takes the stage and performs her burlesque dance. Afterward Veronica Varlow calls Andrea to the stage to perform. Andrea was nervous but the crowd loved her. Andrea then realized that is she was simply herself back home and not worrying about what other said to her, she would have a real shot of becoming homecoming queen. It's finally time to announce who will be nominated for homecoming queen and Andrea is thrilled that she was in the top nine chosen. Before homecoming Veronica Varlow presents the photos from the photo shoot and gives them to Andrea as a gift. When it finally came down to who was going to be crowned, she stole the spotlight looking amazing in her new makeover. Although Andrea didn't win she made many friends, gained confidence in herself, and still felt like a queen.