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Basketball Player
Season 9 E 31 • 12/06/2008
Avery is known as the chubby theatre star at his high school. He is tired of being known as a sissy and wants to prove that he has the strength and the dicipline to become a varsity basketball player. His schoolmates call him the girliest guy at school. He hates to sweat and has never run a mile in his life. At home, Avery is known as the family comedian. His older siblings are both accomplished basketball players and receive all of the credit for being disciplined and hard workers. His family laughs at him for even thinking of doing an athletic sport. At Avery's annual summer BBQ, his extended family has serious doubts about him being able to make the team. The family is anticipating his brother Anthony's arrival with his new girlfriend, but when they arrive, the tall woman walks over to Avery and tells him that she is not Anthony's girlfriend, but instead, she's his new MADE coach. The mysterious, tall woman's name is Chantelle Anderson, and she plays in the WNBA. She calls Avery over and asks him to show her what he's got on the court. He can't make one shot. When they sit down for a heart to heart, he explains that his big-shot older siblings and family don't take him seriously and expect him to fail. With only six weeks remaining until tryouts, Chantelle tells him to get a good night sleep for the serious training tomorrow. At 5:55 am Chantelle wakes Avery up for a run on the track. She demands five laps and no walking. Avery quickly loses steam as he stumbles around the track, and Chantelle ends up dragging him to the finish line. While Avery is at school, refueling in the cafeteria, Chantelle drops off a new basketball wardrobe at his house. After school, he meets with his personal trainer, who gives Avery some basketball try out tests. Avery performs below average on all aspects. His overall score was a 13.5 and he needs to score at least a 20 in order to be considered for the team. Chantelle brings him in for his first basketball practice. She is frustrated that he can't get through the warm ups without joking around. She decides to show him people who do take basketball practice seriously, and brings him to the varsity team's practice. Avery participates in the team practice until he feels as though he has had enough. As he storms out in the middle of practice, Chantelle stops him and explains that he needs to decide mentally that he will not give up. Avery realizes she is right and walks back into the gym to ask the star basketball player, Jay, to be his drill partner. During a one-on-one practice with Jay, Chantelle tells Avery that he is wasting both her and Jay's time by not pushing himself hard enough. Avery gives her attitude, but Jay tells him he'd better get used to coaches talking to him that way. Meanwhile, Avery's theatre coach fears that he is spread too thin when he cant remember his lines during practice. All Avery can do is hit the sack, hoping that the next day will be a better one. But he barely has time to close his eyes, and before the sun is up, his personal trainer drags him out of bed for training at the track. Later that day, Jay asks Avery for some help in return for his basketball lessons. He asks for acting lessons so that he can perform in the school play. Avery agrees. The next day on the school's TV morning broadcast, Chantelle asks for people to sign up for "two on twos" with Avery and Jay. Avery only has the weekend to prepare for Monday's competition and fears that he'll make Jay look bad on the court. The next Monday, Chantelle starts the competition off. From teachers to girls, the humiliation ensues. For the last game, he is surprised to find out he is playing against his brother, Anthony, who also ends up beating them. Avery asks his theatre coach if Jay can audition for next week's play. The coach agrees, but he is more concerned with Avery's lateness and lack of performance. Avery apologizes and thanks him for giving Jay an audition. During an early morning basketball practice, Avery refuses to lay on the wet ground to do sit-ups. When his personal trainer, Anthony, forces him on the ground, Avery storms off. After another disappointing practice, Avery decides to put off training for a bit to help Jay practice for his audition. He tells him that he did well, but that he will have to do better tomorrow. Later at practice with Chantelle, Avery performs the drills like a pro. He feels good about the successful practice, but he is still uneasy about what happened with Anthony. He decides to ask his mom for advice, and she reminds him that he said he wouldn't give up. Avery decides to apologizes to Anthony, and Anthony explains to that with such little time left, he must become mentally tougher. He gives Avery a day of defense lessons in order to show him that basketball is a contact sport. That night, Chantelle brings Avery to a kickboxing class to toughen up him up even more. Armed with his new, positive attitude, Avery is able to karate smash two wooden boards. With a week to go, Avery is weighed in with a loss of 11 lbs. He even has fun during drills. His results come back that he has improved to a 28.45 score. Later, in his last practice with Chantelle, Avery pushes himself to the limit. Meanwhile, with a bit of practice, Jay tries out for the school play. He scores a non speaking part. When tryout day finally arrives, Avery discovers there are 27 people trying out for 24 spots on the team. He is the last one in place during the try out running warm ups. He finally starts to pass people when he realizes that the coaches are noticing him. Drill after drill, Avery is doing well until the medicine ball drills. He starts to struggle and Chantelle hopes that he can push through it. The coach notices his facial expression and Chantelle tells him to get his attitude in control. During day two of the tryouts, Avery manages to make a basket. Afterwards, the coach brings everyone into the back room to read the names of those who made the team. Unfortunately, Avery's name is not on the list, but his family and friends are still very proud of him for sticking to his promise and not quitting.