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Heather Wants to Grab His Booty!
Season 1 E 7 • 06/25/1992
The cast is worried about Kevin because no one knows where he went. Once he returns, they show him the video they made of the joke they played on him and he eventually forgives them. Later, Kevin confesses he considered quitting the show because he thought his roommates were so weird.

Meanwhile, Heather constantly professes her love for Hornets basketball player Larry Johnson and says she plans to grab his ass if she ever meets him. Julie and Heather actually attend the Knicks-Hornets game, and Heather flirts incessantly with Larry Johnson afterwards. No booty-grabbing though--this show is strictly G-Rated.

A package arrives, informing the ladies of the house that they will spend a week in Jamaica. Becky may need a vacation after the ugly argument she has with Kevin about racism in America.