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Go Skate Day
Season 1 E 2 • 11/09/2006
Rob prepares Big to skate with him for Go Skateboarding Day, then is inspired to get Meaty to join in after meeting Tyson, a famous skateboarding dog. After a retail trip to outfit Big with a new skateboard to match his size, the two are ready to ride in Venice Beach. While Rob's busting some tricks, the duo sees a skateboarding bulldog and Rob becomes hell-bent on getting Meaty to ride on all fours. At Rob's buddy Johan's house, Big reluctantly agrees to tempt fate and drop in on the mini-ramp. The big bodyguard steps up to the challenge, but lands square on his backside. Later that night, Rob proves his loyalty and steps up as the best friend to slather more than a little Icy Hot on Big's ailing butt. On the way to a skate demo the next day, the boys run afoul of the law, but Big won't stop until he reaches his destination. Rob jokes that they're being accused of "ridin' dirty," but the officer only charges the boys for tinted windows ... and now failing to stop for an emergency vehicle. Later, Rob hopes to make magic by fitting Meaty with his own Dyrdek deck and takes him for a skateboarding lesson. While Tyson the bulldog rides circles around Rob's pup, Meaty wants nothing to do with the board, crushing Rob's dreams for his own skateboarding bulldog.