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Dance Team
E 9
Bryttni plays on her school's softball team, but she's mainly known around school as the girl who wears wigs. To become popular, she wants to be MADE into an Emerald dancer. Her cousin Brittany is a popular Emerald dancer who feels that Bryttni isn't preppy enough to fit in. Bryttni meets her MADE coach, San Antonio Spurs choreographer Raquel, in the school gym. Raquel makes Bryttni dance as members of the Emeralds, including her cousin, laugh at her amateur-level moves. It's humiliating. Another motivating factor is Ethan. He's a heartthrob that Bryttni wants to go to the prom with. When she learns that he's going with someone else, she's crushed and can't concentrate during practice. Raquel encourages her to use that anger in practice, which results in improvement. Bryttni's encouraged further when Brittany offers help. Later, Raquel takes her to see the San Antonio Spurs cheerleaders perform. After reuniting with her softball team, Bryttni realizes that she doesn't need popularity when she has friends. This attitude prepares her for the try-outs. While she does well, she doesn't make the team. Her cousin, coach, friends and mom are all proud of her. Bryttni declares that she was MADE into a stronger person!