Beyoncé Formation Comment or MLK Hate Mail?
Season 2 E 19 • 02/18/2016
Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ video sparked quite a reaction. Criticisms have been numerous, and often racially-charged. The general critique has been that Beyoncé is instigating violence against police officers, and that she should not have used her platform at the Super Bowl to discuss controversial issues in the black community. However, if you look back to some of the hate-mail that Martin Luther King Jr. received in the 1960s, the comments are eerily similar. It makes you wonder why MLK, now respected as a symbol of peaceful protest and racial unity, was viewed by many at the time as an instigator of violence and segregation. Why were people trying to silence a man speaking out against obvious injustice and why are they doing the same to Beyoncé?