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Pageant Queen
Season 10 E 1 • 02/21/2009
Meet Angelica, a 15-year-old high school freshman who is stuck in a sheltered world of her mom's control and childlike ways. She hopes to ditch her stuffed animals and pig tails for a new reputation where she starts to get noticed in the hallways and can be made into her high schools pageant queen. When she breaks the news to her parents that she's signing up for Miss SHS, her mom is wary because of her already packed schedule of clubs and girl scouts that she has laid out for her. Angelica is shocked when Ms. Belleza Latina shows up dressed to the nines at her drama club meeting. The pageant queen turns out to be Yolanda, her new made coach. She gets right to work with Angelica as she makes her stand up and practice her pageant walking and introduction in front of the club. Yolanda warns Angelica that she must get over her shyness and again surprises her when she shows up in her front yard with an RV. Staying anywhere else but the RV will waste too much time with only a few days until the pageant, so why not camp out in the front yard? Every morning when Angelica wakes up she will be literally an arms length from her coach. The first order of business is to ditch the Hershey's sweatshirts and pigtails. After some groaning, Angelica follows the orders and then gets read to tackle her next assignment, talk to 10 people she doesn't know at school. It is clearly a struggle for Angelica, who awkwardly searches for topics of conversation but can only seem to think of, "What's your favorite sport?" With pageant auditions only two days away, Yolanda decides to follow Angelica throughout school that day and make her practice her introduction. On the day of the auditions, Angelica is disappointed to see that Yolanda had some wardrobe changes in mind. Wearing a brand new dress, a nervous Angelica freezes up at the auditions telling them she hopes to see herself as a tornado chaser in 10 years and can not really put a decent sentence together as to why she should be Miss SHS. With a little luck, she is jumping for joy the next day at school when she finds her name on the list for the pageant. At the first meeting, she learns it is a couple's competition. She exchanges numbers with her partner Brandon, which marks the first time she has ever exchanged digits with a boy. With the pageant drawing closer, Yolanda decides it's time for even more changes and orders Angelica to pick out 15 of her most prized childhood possessions and ditch the rest. Back at school, Angelica gets nervous because Brandon didn't show up for the pageant meeting. Yolanda thinks she has the perfect solution to teach Angelica how to be more assertive in dealing with Brandon -- hitting the ring. After just one day of boxing, Angelica realizes she doesn't have to be shy about being strong and goes on a mission to find Brandon. When she confronts him, he cops an attitude and says if he didn't want to do it he wouldn't be here and told her she needs to loosen up a little. She said if he has it all down then she still needs help so he better be at the next practice and he replies, "yes maam." Even though the couple isn't as smooth as Yolanda had hoped, Brandon showed up and practiced hard. Angelica even closed out the session by challenging him to a boxing match, with a movie date at stake. For all of her hard work so far and standing up to Brandon, Yolanda decides to reward Angelica with a trip to New York City for a big apple makeover. Before she hits the road, she asks her mom who reminds her that she already had a church program commitment for that weekend. Sticking to her guns, Angelica tells her mom this is important to her and she's doing it either way. Before she leaves, she decides to give her room a complete makeover, finally saying goodbye to the stuffed animal wonderland. She hits the streets of New York and has a "fantabulous" time getting all dolled up for her big night. After getting all settled in her new style it was time to get down in the ring with Brandon. Yolanda makes sure they sign a contract so they know the stakes for the match. Angelica has no problem finding her rhythm as she gets a quick four hits in and squeaks the fifth in juts as the two minutes were up. Excited about her win and movie date with Brandon, she quickly has to get her attention back to the big night. The couple hits the stage and gets a warm welcome from the crowd who are in shock of the new Angelica. They bring the audience up to do the hooky poky during the audience participation competition and get everyone from parents to little kids hitting the stage floor. Feeling on top of the world, Angelica and Brandon are crowned second runner up, but more importantly, Angelica reminds us her only goal was to be more confident. And she did it.