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Extreme Timmy!
Season 1 E 3 • 02/22/2009
Rob rides into Jeremy's office on Drama's crocodile Jazzy to inform him that he can't make a Tuesday morning meeting because he's got skateboarding legend Danny Way coming into the factory. Rob's going to pull him on the T-Rex to break the land speed world record. After all, that's' what the factory's all about: making deals and breaking records! Rob decides to practice by pulling Drama on the T-Rex, but Drama isn't one to mess with death in that way. Even Rob has to admit that he's nervous to take part in such a dangerous stunt. Danny Way arrives at the factory and immediately dives into the foam pit. Getting down to business, Rob flips through the world record book and marvels at all of Danny's accomplishments. Even though Rob has twenty-one world records of his own, he knows that all of them will one day be broken. To preserve his record legacy, Rob tells Danny he wants to keep the board he uses to break the land speed record and Danny agrees. Then they take the T-Rex out for a spin to see all it can do. Noticing that Timmy the Testie isn't as clean as he could be, Rob busts out the Windex and has Drama go about cleaning him up. It's going well until Drama gets squeamish about having to spray down Timmy's man parts. Out of respect for the dummy, Rob purchases some tighty whities to keep him covered. Rob takes Drama with him to watch Danny Way prep for the land speed world record by skating in a wind tunnel. The device will create winds of up to one hundred and forty miles an hour so Danny can really see what it will feel like to go that fast. When he's finished, he describes the experience as "gnarly" but admits he's still nervous about some of the details. Drama questions whether or not they'll still get the record if Danny wipes out and Rob gets upset at his cousin for the negative energy. Back at the factory, Rob notices Timmy the Testie lying in the tanning booth in nothing but his tighty whities. Although Drama swears he wasn't the one who put the dummy in there, Rob still suspects Drama does some freaky stuff with the doll when no one's watching. The day of the world record arrives and of course, Rob and Danny arrive at the California City Municipal Airport to discover forty mile an hour winds. It's so bad that one of Rob's sunglasses lenses is blown out! After meeting with the world records representative and the safety experts, Rob and Danny take to the runway to break the record. They have to get up to seventy miles an hour, but hit a snag at the sixty miles an hour mark when Danny's board flies out from under him. Not the types to give up, Rob and Danny agree to try for the record again. They're able to get up to seventy-four miles an hour, successfully breaking the record. Besides giving Rob the board, Danny also presents him with the suit he wore as well. Rob decides to enshrine Danny Way's achievement by dressing Timmy the Testie up in his suit. Noticing that Drama tickles Timmy's feet as he dresses him, Rob is all the more convinced of the romance between Drama and Timmy. Drama continues to deny it but agrees to let destiny decide through a coin toss -- if it lands on heads three times, Drama and Timmy really are "secret lovers." Sure enough, the coin lands on heads three times and Drama and Timmy ride off into the sunset together.