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Season 9 E 19 • 09/13/2008
Meet Jill, the typical theater girl/music geek hoping to turn her 'always play it safe' image into an edgy, risk-taking surfer girl. Even though her normally supportive family and friends don't share her excitement and enthusiasm, Jill dives head-first into her goal. Summer vacation has officially begun, but there will be no rest and relaxation time for Jill. On a day intended for lounging by the lake with her friends, Aimee, a professional surfer, paddles over to the dock and introduces herself as Jill's MADE coach. Jill and Aimee get right down to business with intensive surfer training, cutting Aimee's relaxing summer day at the lake short. After doing muscle strengthening exercises, Jill has trouble keeping up in the water when Aimee tests her swimming skills. To improve Jill's strength and speed in the ocean, Aimee sets Jill up for swimming lessons with an intense instructor. After lessons Jill, goes home to relax, but instead, she finds a brand new surf board waiting at her door with instructions to meet Aimee at the beach. For the next few days, Aimee is instructed to carry her heavy surf board around with her wherever she goes, and exercise constantly. Before she can continue her training to be MADE into a surfer, Jill must take and pass her swimming test. On the big day, she gets the nod from her no-nonsense instructor, giving Aimee the green-light to start teaching Jill the basics of surfing. But when Aimee wants to get started early the next morning, Jill just isn't feeling it. She moves slowly through the water on her board, and is too exhausted to do a single sit-up. Jill feels horrible about her lack of enthusiasm, so the next day, she asks Aimee to take her out in the ocean so she can prove herself. Jill catches a wave and gets up on the board her first try, but Aimee says there's still a long ways to go until she's ready for the big competition. Back from the beach, Aimee drops the news to Jill and her parents that she has entered Jill in a Billabong surfing contest in California. But Jill's parents aren't comfortable with the idea of their daughter going to far away, and for so long without them, so Aimee agrees to make the event into a family vacation. Before the trip, Aimee sends Jill to a beach in Montauk, NY, where the waves are huge. Jill's instructor for the day, Corey, takes her out and warns her to stay close and follow instructions carefully. But the fierce waves take their toll on inexperienced Jill, and she takes a huge spill off of her board. Jill's parents fret and frown over the cut Jill got from the fin of her board hitting her in the head, but Jill knows this experience is all about taking risks. The next day, Jill, Aimee, and Jill's family head to California. Aimee thinks up some original ways to train on the road, like mucking poop in stalls in Pennsylvania, climbing up haystacks in Ohio, or running through the sand dunes in Oklahoma. After ten days of intense training on the road, Jill arrives at camp in California. Jill has fun and works hard while training with her camp instructor, Shelby, but Aimee insists she needs to work even harder and train with her after surf camp workouts. Jill stirs up some problems when she asks Aimee if she can skip training for the day to go shopping with her friends from camp. Aimee tells Jill it's her decision, but is disappointed when Aimee chooses shopping over surfing. Will the carefree California lifestyle distract Jill from her ultimate goal of shining on the surfboard? Jill thinks her shopping spree was totally worth it, but is nervous to face Aimee the next day. Both Aimee and Shelby notice Aimee's performance in the water is slacking, and Aimee decides to call it quits for the day, even though Jill feels she tried her best. Jill's camp friends support her, but Jill is very hurt that Aimee is being so negative. To show she's serious, Jill pushes herself even harder, and finally impresses Aimee. After a hard-core workout, Aimee takes Jill to Huntington Beach, the site of the Billabong competition. Even though she takes some tumbles, Jill takes some serious risks with some of biggest waves she's ever tried for. Now that Jill's surfing like a surfer, Aimee thinks she should sport the surfer look, as well. So she takes her to a salon, where Aimee is transformed into an edgy, blonde surf-girl. Competition day finally arrives, and the waves look rough and the competition looks fierce. Jill's parents come to support her, and when Jill's turn comes, she paddles her heart out against the competition. When the scores are tallied, Jill scores 2nd place and moves to the finales. Even though Jill can't manage to find a wave on round two, and doesn't place, she, her family, and Aimee are all proud of the bold, determined surfer girl she's become.