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Rock Star
Season 9 E 30 • 12/06/2008
Michelle is known as the pigtail wearing shy girl around her high school. The only time she is comfortable around her peers is when she is playing catcher on the softball. Once she steps off the field she is no longer comfortable around her peers. In order to come out of her shell she wants to be MADE into a rock star. Only two people know the real Michelle at her school. That's her boyfriend Eric and her best friend Martin. Martin is outgoing, but her boyfriend seems to be even shyer than she is. Will she be able to take off her catcher mask and show her classmates the real Michelle? Michelle's peers seem pretty doubtful. Even her boyfriend is doesn't like the idea of it. He likes the quiet Michelle and is fearful that she'll change for the worse. On the other hand her best friend Martin gives his full support. The next morning when she comes down the stairs to go to school, a hot pink envelope is waiting for her by the door. Inside there is a plane ticket to Boston with an invitation to the "world of rock and roll." Michelle realizes that it falls on the same weekend as her school's homecoming. She isn't too disappointed about it, but it seems as though her boyfriend Eric is. That night at home, Michelle and her chaperoning sister pack their bags. The following night they land in Boston to and go to the famous Middle East music venue. On stage a glamorous, bleach blonde Justin rocks out. He's the lead singer of the band Semi Precious Weapons. He introduces himself as her MADE coach. He also breaks the news that Michelle will be playing the tambourine for his band that night. Although her sister tries to calm her down, Michelle is beyond scared. Justin pulls her up on to the stage where she has no place to hide. She seems uncomfortable. Justin realizes he has his work cut out for him. On the van ride back to the airport she tells Justin that she wants to be comfortable talking to new people. He tells her over the next six weeks she will learn bass, create a band, write a song and perform it in a battle of the bands contest. Her first challenge is to walk around her school holding her bass all day. Her friend Martin is really excited upon seeing the instrument. Eric seems unimpressed. Before the sun is up the next morning, Justin is waiting at the front door. He gives Michelle her first bass guitar lesson. Justin is going away for a few weeks so he sets Michelle up with a bass instructor. She takes lessons and practices on her free time. Justin gives her an assignment over the phone. He tells her that she needs to make fliers for her band auditions. Justin shows up at school the next day to help Michelle hang the fliers up. He also makes her announcement for the auditions at the top of her lungs in the quad. Despite her nerves, she belts it out as loud as she can. The next day a ton of kids show up to audition. Justin and Michelle audition everyone from singers to electro-board players.The verdict was in and they decided on Alyssa for guitar and vocals, Andrew on the drums, and of course Martin as the lead guitar player. Brennan the electro-board player also made it into the band off the bat. At the first band practice, Justin leads them into a jam session and gets them closer to making a new song. He won't be around next week, so now it's up to Michelle to be the bandleader. Michelle has a hard time creating a band schedule that anyone can commit to. When they finally do get together they played Rock Band instead of practicing their real band. After they waste three practices playing around, Michelle decides to call Justin to ask for advice. He tells her that they must eat lunch together at school and that she is the one responsible for making it happen. When she tries it seems like everyone has something more important to do. She decides not to try again the next day. After Justin's trip he goes to watch one of their band practices. When he gets there he finds only Michelle and Martin. After she gives Justin everyone's excuses, he decides to leave. The next day Justin tells her that he is really upset with her lack of effort. He breaks the news that he had tickets for Michelle to fly to L.A. to meet her bass idol, Mark Hoppus. He also told her that he was going to cancel it unless she shaped up. He breaks down during the conversation when Michelle tells him that she covers her smiles. Justin tells her that she needs to change that. Michelle agrees to give it her all. Justin assigns her to write lyrics to her song. Over the next three days she writes the song, takes extra lessons, gets the band together and even makes time to play Rock Band with her boyfriend. Justin notices her hard work and allows her to go meet her idol. She meets Mark Hoppus at the L.A. guitar center. After cutting through her nerves, she is able show him the song she wrote. Before the visit is over he gives her a brand new autographed guitar. One day before the show they promote their band CPR. They also get to meet Panic at the Disco backstage and watch them perform. Before the show, Michelle gets a rock and roll makeover. Her band loves her new look and so does she. At the Battle of the Bands, Michelle starts to get nervous watching the other bands go before her. When the crowd starts cheering their name, there is no turning back. They rock the crowd with an awesome performance. Although they didn't place, they know they did an awesome job. Her boyfriend said that he hadn't expected them to do as well as they did, and her sister cries because she is so proud of the transformed Michelle.