Skull Man 'Show Intro' Clip

In an alternate-history version of Japan, rumors fly in Otomo City about the existence of a masked avenger who may be responsible for a series of killings ? or so hack reporter Hayato Minagami believes. When he returns to his old stomping grounds to investigate, he finds himself teamed up (reluctantly at first) with Kiriko Mamiya, a young woman who aspires to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning new photographer. Together they delve into the case of an individual called the Skull Man by some and the Phantom by others, a path which leads them to the White Bell Society, a prominent local religious organization which they eventually discover has a very seedy underbelly and connections to both their pasts. Powerful figures work in the background, while shape-changing monsters lurk to wreak havoc on both sides. Amongst it all strides a force of vengeance, but is he ultimately playing for the good guys or just a murderer with a big grudge?
1:02 - posted 10/27/11
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