• Season 31, Ep 1

sneak peek: will Dione and Kailah hook up?

Kailah discusses the sexual tension between her and Dione.

03/11/2016 · 1:45

[upbeat music]

>> I need to put on my oil.

>> Blue balls.

[upbeat music]

>> Why?

>> Why?

>> Just because.

>> You'll let me.

>> You're telling me that if I

were to hook up with you at some

point in the show, you wouldn't

let me braid your hair?

>> Yes.

>> Okay.

>> Oh, then [bleep] you.

>> [bleep] you.


I think he's freaking awesome

and hilarious.

I could see us possibly hooking


You know you want to.

But he could really get on my


I could see that happening too.

Hook up with me.

>> Just sit on my [bleep]

and shut up.

>> I definitely think that

there's a lot of sexual tension

between us.

Honestly, I know this is gonna

sound really funny, but I have

a golden [bleep].

>> So--

>> Any guy I've ever had sex

with, they always come back.

>> Just 'cause a guy comes back,

that doesn't mean you have a--

>> I've [bleep] girls twice,

not 'cause she

has a golden [bleep].

>> Oh!

>> It means--It means that every

time they have sex with me,

they fall in love with me.

I'm a great girlfriend, and I'm,

like, a great person, so I think

I, like--And I have good sex,

so, like, it rubs off.

So they're always, like, in love

with me every time.

>> I'm a cocky guy, so I can't

knock any girl for being overly


I've said probably worse stuff

than that.

>> Watch.

>> "I'm a great girlfriend."

>> If we ever have sex, you'll

be in love with me too.

>> If we do and I don't fall

in love with you, like, don't--

It's nothing against you.

>> You will, though.

>> I'm just [bleep] different.

>> I have no doubt about you,

the fact that you would fall in

love with me.

>> Yo, I broke the seal.