• Season 1, Ep 7

sneak peek: come sit with us

Paige sits down for some dranks with a group of ladies.

10/10/2016 ยท 1:23

How manycalories are in this one?

I already had two.

I did...(indistinct murmuring)

Oh...(murmuring continues)

Oh, my God,who does your forearms?

Your forearms,who does them?

Um... they're natural?


Come, come sit with us.


Oh--I just wantto inhale them.

Oh! Do you mind?For my arm guy?

Um, what's an arm guy?(camera snap)

Oh, my God,you are so cute!

She is so cute!

I'm Lauren Y.That's Lauren M.

And that's Auden-- are youso excited for Nochella?

What's "Nochella"?Oh, it's brilliant.

It's this invite-only showdone by the guy

who inventedthe standing desk.

The band's a secret, but it'salways someone stadium-big.

Everyone who'struly cool stays in LA,

but you mustalready know that.

Otherwise,why are you here?

Well, I guessI'm looking for a job.

Oh, really?What do you wanna do?

I just got donetelling someone

that I wanna dosomething special,but she'd probably

tell you all the thingsI wanna do are unrealistic,

like... workingas a stylist

or writingfor a fashion magazine.

But none of those thingsare unrealistic.

See, thank you,and normally

I try to have a reallypositive attitude.

No, no, they'renot unrealistic

because we owna fashion magazine.

(Auden giggling)

You do?