• Season 4, Ep 2

sneak peek: trouble in the boom boom room?

The first trip to the Boom Boom Room of the season doesn’t end as one would expect. Don’t miss the next episode of #AYTO — Monday at 10/9c!

06/14/2016 · 1:20

- [giggling]Ow!

- I just want to spend,like, all my time with Asaf

and just, like, stareat, like, how, like,

beautiful he is.

[lively music]

I hope it's not,like, just lust.

Hey, you said we werejust gonna cuddle.

- Right, so you wantto just cuddle?

Come on,it's a Boom Boom Room.

I mean, if you don't want,it's all good.

Like, I'm not forcing it.- I know.

- She's leaving me hanging.

Like, you in a house fullof boys, girls--

start doing something.

Start--they all justlove to talk.

It's like the Opera show here.

- I don't want to,like, look like an idiot.

- Why would you feel likean idiot, and I'm not?

- Like, if you're, like, "Okay,like, I hooked up with her,"

and then you're,like, basically, like,

"I got what I wanted."

- Maybe she's not sure about me.

And I mean, girl, if you'renot sure, just let me know,

please, but don'tleave me hanging,

like, and waiting for you.

I don't know,in some places,

it's called "to make love"

and not just hook upor whatever they call it.