• Season 1, Ep 6

sneak peek: my night with taylor

Who knew winning a chance to meet Taylor Swift could be so terrifying?

02/16/2016 · 3:17

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>> This whole thing started

because I follow Taylor Swift on


She tweeted something out where

she was like "If you're

"interested in attending a live

stream event, enter here."

Hell, I'll check this out.

Boom, wrote the three sentences.

Sent it away.

Cut to a week later.

And I get a call from a random


I pick up, and she introduces

herself as being from


"We wanted to let you know that

"we actually selected you to

attend the event."

"Oh, cool."

She precedes to speak to me for

about 15 minutes.

Giving me all these super

specific directions as if I'm

going on some CIA mission.

Cut to Monday.

I waltz in this random hotel.

And everyone in the group is

either a girl or me.

Everyone kept on looking at me,

and was like, "Who is this guy?"

And "Why is he here?"

At one point, they actually

decided that they were gonna go

around and everyone was gonna

share the moment they knew they

were a Taylor Swift super-fan.

I start freaking out.

And I kept on thinking that if

at any point they realize that I

was posing as a Taylor Swift

super-fan some like buzzer was

gonna go off and these huge

dudes were gonna come running in

and escort me out.

So I just made up a story that I

met her at a Starbucks.

Looked up her music, and I've

been following her ever since.

And then everyone was just kind

of like, "Wow, so you've kind of

met her before?"

Like, "Yeah."

And they turned on a Taylor

Swift song.

Everyone got up and started

singing along and dancing.

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>> Having to dance soberly is my

worst nightmare.

But then being surrounded by

people who are loving it, like

that is the ultimate.

I was the weird guy who was kind

of like stuck in the middle of


I just kind of stood there and

put my head down and tried to

avoid making eye contact with


They start leading us in.

And everyone goes nuts, because

Taylor Swift herself comes

waltzing out.

She looked super-hot.

She goes around.

She's being so sweet with

everyone and shaking hands and

hugging people.

Girls' heads practically popped

off of their shoulders.

And everyone starts dancing


Another spontaneous dance party.

When will these dance parties


>> [girls cheering]

>> She starts doing her thing

where she's going around and

dancing with everyone.

And she was like rounding the

corner and she was getting


So I'm just praying,

"Please don't get to me.

"Please don't get to me.

Please don't get to me."

But of course she gets to me.

And I'm like, "This is the

"moment that I've feared since I

first got here."

And I'm in it right now.

So it ended up just looking

something like this.

Just kind of going back and

forth and shaking my arms and


And that is not how humans

should dance. [laughs]

And then as soon as she

walked away from me, I was just

like, "Aaah, God."

My love for Taylor Swift has,

um...if anything, it's gotten


I'm happy that I had the


I love Taylor.

Um, I don't know that we'll be

dating anytime soon.

But who knows?

After she sees this, maybe

she'll give me a call.


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