• Season 5, Ep 20

sneak peek: amber refuses to film

Amber is asked to talk about Gary and she is having none of it. Don’t miss the 2 HOUR season finale of #TeenMomOG — Monday at 10/9c.

02/15/2016 · 0:59

- The dog needs toget away from my head.

- [clears throat]

- Oosky don't bite much.You'll be fine.

- So, Amb, I heardyou texted Gary.

- I'm not talkingabout all that right now.

- All I'm asking is just foryou and Crystal to catch up.

That's it.- What is there to catch up on?

There's nothing elseto talk about!

[tense music]

Don't [bleep] trythat [bleep] with me

when you know goddamn wellwhat you're talking about.

That's the [bleep]I don't like right there.

- But, Amb, it's not--- No, no, don't--

Don't try the director ignorantbull[bleep] with me.

You know I'm not [bleep] stupid.

And you know exactlywhat you're talking about.

You start doing that [bleep],and I'm [bleep] done.

I'm not talkingabout this every day.

Don't look [bleep]confused, either.

Don't look confused.

I'm [bleep] done with it.