• Season 7, Ep 8

sneak peek: nathan and david exchange texts

Nathan hits up David to try to see Kaiser and Jenelle helps dictate David’s response. Don’t miss the next episode of #TeenMom2 — Monday at 10/9c!

04/26/2016 · 1:40

Hey, babe.

Come here.- What's up?

- I talked to my lawyer.- That's good.

- She said, "Don't worryabout anything right now.

I got it under control."- Yeah?

- Has Nathantexted you at all lately?

- He did text me and said,"When can I see my son?"

- Right now.

Right now,I want you to text him

and be like, "Hey.

"I just saw all this

"and we were just discussingabout you seeing Kaiser.

Have you got his necessitiesfor him yet?"

So it doesn't look likewhen we go to court

that we're ignoring him.

Oh, and say,

"So, we need to knowthe location

of where he would be staying."

- So.- Send it.

You know, I'm notone to hold, you know,

I'm not gonna hold Kaiser

from him.- Right.

- So, I mean,if he texts back

and says, you know,sends pictures

or whatever, I'll be like,"Okay. Cool."

- Right.Were you expecting Jessica

to drop their charge

after we let Nathan see Kaiser?

- I mean, at this point,it doesn't really matter.

If she wantsto fight against me,

I have a good enough lawyerto fight back.

- Oh.

He says, "I have them,

and I will," talkingabout the necessities.

- Sending pictures? Yeah.

- Also,"I do not feel comfortable

"telling either one of youwhere I live.

"I hope Kaiseris doing great

"and once I am ableto see my son or location,

I'll 'see' you a pictureof the stuff I have."

- What the [bleep]are you talking about?

Go buy [bleep] at Walmart,take a picture of the receipt.

It'll show the date.It'll show the time.

It'll show much it isand what you [bleep] bought.