• Season 6, Ep 3

sneak peek: There’s Another Stiles

There’s another Stiles Lydia and Scott never knew about. Find out who he is in the next episode of #TeenWolf. Don’t miss it Tuesdays at 9/8c!

11/22/2016 · 1:31

Thanks, honey.Mmm-hmm.

He was an Army engineer.(SIGHS)

Ended the warone bridge at a time.

And he went by "Stiles."

So, what's this got to dowith the Wild Hunt?

We think that somebodywas taken from us.

Any idea who?

Uh, the Ghost Riders wouldhave erased our memories.

Well, now, that's convenient.

We found a clue.

The word "Stiles."

And that's why you wannatalk to Elias?

Mm, yeah, maybe he canhelp us figure it out.

Maybe he knowswho we're lookin' for.

Now this is someoneyour age?

Yeah. I...

I think he was my friend.

Maybe he was my best friend.

I can guarantee you,my father can't help you.

Couldn't we try?

Scott, he lives ina nursing homethree towns over.

Hasn't had a visitor in years.

The following stopshave been canceled.


The following stopshave been canceled.