• Season 5, Ep 5

sneak peek: The Many Accounts of Ja'la

Max and Nev do some sleuthing on Ja'la's various social media accounts to determine which are real and which are fake.

03/18/2016 ยท 1:05


Ja'la [bleep].

So here's Ja'la's Facebook page.


Whoa, what is this?

>> Tweets: One.

Following: six.

>> The only post is,

"I forgot my password to


Whoa! This is her again.

"[bleep] lame bitches that

befriended me.

I say all y'all

are my enemy."


>> Ooh.

>> Whoa.

This doesn't seem like the

personality of the girl Jaylin's

talking to.

>> That's he's talking to.

No, this is a ratchet troll.

>> Right, so whoever was making

these fake profiles was trolling

and changing accounts

and messing around and using

this girl's pictures.

We just don't know who

this girl is.

I don't know, I don't think it's

the girl Jaylin's talking to.

>> Just do me a favor.

Just do a search:

"Wyoming track."

>> Here we go.

>> Here we go.

>> Track-and-field 2015 roster.

>> Great.

>> Here's the women's team.

>> All right.

And it says "hometown"!

>> Colorado, Colorado,

Colorado, Colorado...

>> Ohio!

>> both: Dayton, Ohio!

Ja'la [bleep]!

>> Yes!

Wait, so that is her name.

>> That's her.

>> There she is!