• Season 1, Ep 8

sneak peek: doob dude exclusive

Jordan and Bentley's shared booth experience isn't going so well...

10/19/2016 ยท 0:57

Who rolledthese joints, huh?

A monkey wearingmittens?

This (bleep)is sloppy.

Maybe it's the same monkeythat you paid

to write fake Yelp! reviewsof Mary + Jane.

Botulism is spelledwith a "T", idiot.


What the hellare those?

Doob Dude exclusive,VR goggles.

They give you the virtualexperience of being high.

There's nothingin here.

You have to smokea bowl first.

See, that's the problemwith you.

You're all flashover substance.

You're just here because likethis is the next cool trend.

You're a poseur.

I, on the other hand, amin this for the love, brother.

And that is why Mary + Janeis gonna win

this year's mystery boxstrain competition.

Okay.Wait, what--

There can only beone applicant per booth?

That's bullshit,this booth cost $10,000.

Ah, by the way, thanks forpaying half my entrance fee.

Screw that, I get to bethe one who pitches.

What-- over my dead body!

Don't tempt me.What?