• Season 2, Ep 16

Is it Possible?

Contestants guess if two images have a possibility of being together.

02/11/2016 · 2:29


Hello, ma'am.You wanna win somemoney today, play a game?

All right.

What's your name?Tiara.


She ain't wearing a tiara.

But you could, 'cause you're aprincess.

What's this about?

You look like you're a villainfrom "Karate Kid, Part II."

I was thinking the exact same(bleep)!

That's whatI was going for.

Oh, my God.That's why we're a pair.


Speaking of...

Do you think you're pretty goodwith, like,

celebrity couplesand things like that?

Like pairings?

Yeah, yeah, I think so.

All right, man,we're gonna show you

some pictures of somecelebrities, all right.

Or just some pictures ingeneral.

All you gotta do is tell me isit possible or impossible

for them to hook upromantically, all right?

For each one you're correct on,you get $20.

Sounds like fun,let's do it.

All right,here's your first one.

Drake and a bottle of"Champagna?"

Possible? Impossible?

It's possible.Why?

'Cause they just sent itto Charlamagne.

He did.Yeah.

Yeah, he just sent itto Charlamagne.

Six bottles.Yeah.

Sent it in a song.

♪ You gon' make me buy bottlesfor Charlamagne ♪

Anything's possible when it'sDrake! It's possible!

Yeah!Anything's possible.

You got it, high five.

Next one, 20 bucks,here we go.

Peter Dinklage and Grumpy Cat?

Poss-- possible?

Or impossible?

Let's go with... possible.

You're right, it's possible!


It would be sick, but until Ihear Grumpy Cat deny it,

it is possible.

Me, David Magidoff...Uh-huh.

And Kate Hudson?


Here's hoping.

Let's hope, let's see whatshe'll give you.

I know what I think.

Isn't she dating somebodyright now?

Well, maybe she's datingsomebody right now.

But, you know,datin'-schmatin'.

Possible or impossible?


Well, is it?

I'm sorry, man.

She's right, it's clearlyimpossible.

I mean, maybe it's a littlepossible.

Hey-hey-hey.It's okay.

Well, one can agreeto disagree.

That's right,keep high hopes, man.

But nah, it's notpossible at all.

Agree to disagree.

Buy yourself a tiara, Tiara.

Thank you.Enjoy your money.

Thanks for playing.It was great.

You're a good man.Here's some cash for you.

Enjoy yourself.I appreciate it.

Thanks, guys.Thank you.

All right.(chuckling)