• Season 6, Ep 5

sneak peek: farrah’s vacation is off to a very rocky start

Farrah and Simon find a way to butt heads in Hawaii of all places! Don’t miss the next episode of #TeenMomOG — Monday at 9/8c!

09/06/2016 · 1:57

- ♪ Take me higher now

♪ So maybe we... - Okay, here we go.

- Here's to a great vacation.

all: Cheers!

- I can say 'cheers."- Yes, cheers.

all: Cheers!

- ♪ This could be a good life

♪ If we want it to...

- [laughs]- If you do, shoot it.

- Don't.[laughs]

- That is so pretty to me.

I love when cloudstouch mountains or whatever.

- Yeah.

- Soph, honey,thanks for driving us.

Say something to Sophia.Why aren't you talking...

- She's doing a great jobShe's focused.

Keep going, Soph.You're doing good.

- Say it likeyou [bleep] mean it.

Speak up.- Yeah.

Soph, you're doing a good job.Keep going.

- She didn't even hear you.You got to yell.

- Yes, she did.

- Are you okay?- Yeah, I'm excited.

- [laughs]

- Ah Sophie's so cute, right?- Yeah.

- Why are you so standoffish?- She's focused.

- You're, like, not talking.It really annoys me.

- I'm just relaxed.Um, well, we'll talk--

- Do you wantto get serious or...?

- Yeah, yeah, of course.- Okay.

- So, yeah, this is exciting.I like Hawaii.

This is, uh...- Okay, great.

- Yeah.

- [singing unintelligibly]- Simon, how many times

have I had to kick you outand leave you behind?

- I mean, you only do that...- You need to think of that.

I've had to kick him out.I've had to leave him behind.

- No, because I don't act like

a [bleep] crazy bitch.- You do,

but I don't kick you out.- No, I don't.

- Yeah, I'm nice to youand I let you stay there.

- I am never crazy.I have my [bleep] together.

- Yeah.

Yeah, well, quite a few times--- No, you need to think of that.

- I'm relaxing right now.Just leave me alone.

Chill out.- I am so relaxed.

- Do you know how to chill out?Relax a little bit?

- Do you know how to shutthe [bleep] up

and don't tell me that?- [coughs]

All right,this conversation's over.

[dramatic music]