• Season 7, Ep 9

sneak peek: leah is ready to keep fighting

Leah’s frustrations with Corey re-escalate and she vows to keep fighting for custody. Don’t miss the next episode of #TeenMom2 — airing Monday, May 16th at 10/9c!

05/04/2016 · 2:08

What's up?- How are you doing?

- Keeping this houseclean is almost impossible.

- So what's new--anything?

- Corey filed these papers.

He turned aroundand filed an objection

to be the primary custodian.

I spoke to himafter the hearing,

and everything went great.

You know, we were actuallykind of communicating

and thoughtthat we were gonna...

- Do better?

- Be able to co-parentthe way we used to.

- Yeah, the way you should,for the kids, anyway.

- Right.Today I get his objection

that West Virginia law does notrecognize joint custodian.

Who cares?- Yeah.

- Why are you making a big dealout of nothing?

- Yeah.- I know plenty of parents

that's done joint custodian,

you know, to be civiland because they both--

- Technically, that's the wayit's supposed to be.

- Right. I mean,if you're both good parents,

then there should benothing wrong,

and then he says that he shouldbe the primary custodian

because they live--or theygo to school in his district

and whatever else.

No. Okay, I do everything,so maybe

I should be the primarycustodian. I mean--

- Why not just dropwhat you guys just did

at court--just drop itand just go from there?

Like, why does it haveto keep dragging out?

- Becauseit's a control thing.

- I know, and it's stupid.- Now it's a control thing.

He jumps intothis family lifestyle

and feels likehe's the better parent,

he's the more stable parent,

he needs them.I just feel like--

- So you guys aregonna have to go back to court

over these objections?

- That's all I can do,

but I really hope that itcomes to an end for my girls.

- It needs to.- I really do, but--

- It does. It needs to.It's immature and it's stupid.

You guys have beento court how many times?

- To do what he's done

to my kids--I don't careif he takes another breath,

and I don't--I don't knowwhat else to do.

All I can dois fight against it.

- I know.- That's all I can do.

[melancholy music]