• Season 5, Ep 18

sneak peek: mixed messages

Graham's accounts seem real, but Nev and Max notice a couple red flags.

09/05/2016 ยท 1:47

- It smells good.- That looks nice.

- That looks so good.

- It's from my pizza place.- Oh, my God.

- Is this for me?- Oh, my God.

- [giggles]

- Oh, my God.- Max is in love.

- Thank you for the appetizer.- Yeah.

- Now on to the main course.- How are you feeling today?

- I'm feeling okay.- Have you talked to Graham?

- No, not today.

- All right, well,we did some research.

We found some things.

There's still a lotwe don't know,

but why don't we sit downand kind of go through it?

- Okay.

- All right, so we startedwith the phone number.

It is from Jacksonville.He's from Jacksonville.

- Yeah, but I didn't know,like, it was--

I thought he would havechanged it by now.

- All right, so thenwe just thought, like,

"Okay, let's go backto his Instagram."

And amazingly, the fact that allof these people are tagged

and they all have real profilesled us to believe

that, like, this pagefeels very real...

- Okay.- Which is good.

The next thing we wanted to do

was just a Facebook searchfor Graham [bleep],

and there are a lotof Graham [bleep],

but one of them, obviously,from Nashville, Tennessee,

looks an awful lotlike our Graham.

You said--- He doesn't have a Facebook.

- He doesn't have a Facebook.

- So it looks like he does.- I'm confused.

- Right, isn't that weird?

So then we thought, "Okay,the only way to know for sure

"if Graham is exactlywho he says he is

"and if these are his accounts

would be to reach outto some of Graham's friends."

One of them's nameis Reynolds.

We FaceTimed with Reynolds.

When we were asking Reynolds

about all of Graham'ssocial media accounts,

a couple of years agoGraham's Twitter got hacked.

- Perhaps you reached outto Graham...