• Season 1, Ep 5

sneak peek: we don't belong here

Jordan and Paige stumble into a rehab clinic - and they like what they see.

09/26/2016 ยท 1:08

Whoa--This place is huge.

It looks justlike Bachelorette Manor.

Psst!Mary and Jane?

Yeah, that--That's us.


Hey, do you guys mind ifwe do the exchange out here?

I got dogs in the house, ringthe bell, they start barking,it's a mess.

Yeah, yeah, no prob,I love dogs.Thanks.

Cool houseby the way.

Do you mind if I askwhat you do?

Tech-- Yeah, actually,Mark Zuckerberg stole Facebook

from the guy who stole itfrom me, so.

I don't--Is that true?

(scoffs)Is that true?

Doug?They're looking for you.

You're latefor group.

Oh, right-o, man.Right-o.

I guess I'll see you ladiesin mindfulness therapy, huh?

Holy crap.

Did we just deliver drugsto a guy in rehab?

Huh?(loud splash)


I would stab youto get in that pool.

I kind of feel likeyou mean it now.

Are you two supposedto be in group right now?

Oh-- No, no, no,we don't belong here.

Oh, if I had a dollar forevery patient who said that.

Now, would you like robes forthe spa or towels for the pool?

No, we really--Uh, yes.Yes, we would.