• Season 31, Ep 3

sneak peek: Jenna and the stripper

Jenna is pulled on stage during a male strip show and isn't happy about it.

03/25/2016 · 1:03

>> Jenna says, "I like that

guy," and I'm like, "On this

girl, her, right here."

>> No, CeeJai, no, no!

>> She no good.

>> No, no.


He, like, grabs my hand,

like, pulls me up on stage,


sits down on top of me

to where I cannot move,

grabs my hand.

I'm like crying inside my head.

Like, it's making me cry right

now because I really didn't want

to do it.

Oh, my God.


>> It's hilarious, like,

her face is horrified.

This is exactly what I was--

came in here trying to prevent.


All I can think about it is

how this is gonna hurt Austin.

This is ruining my life.