• Season 1, Ep 9

sneak peek: here comes the neighborhood

Jordan and Paige meet their new neighbors, and end up 'inviting' them over their place for a very special meeting...

10/24/2016 · 1:47

Oh, we brought youa housewarming gift.


Oh my God, is thata Veronique poncho?

Huh?Oh, yeah.

Veronique and I grew uptogether.

She'll alwaysbe Ronnie to me.

But I guess there's like a hugewait list for these things.

They're likethe "Hamilton" of ponchos.


Well, Veroniqueis coming tonight.

Nate, did you invitethe girls?

We're having a thing.Oh.

Should we open thistogether?

Our firsthousewarming gift.

Oh, wow!

It's a bird candle!

Thank you!

We'll have to finda place for that.


Anyway, so tonight,you should definitely come.

Oh my gosh, thank youso much for inviting us.

Good, I mean, you've beenhere so long, obviously,

you know so muchabout the neighborhood.

Oh, it's one of the perks ofrunning a delivery service.

See, you're the perfect peopleto help us

ferret out those drug dealers.

Who-- what?

Apparently, this neighborhoodis crawling with drug dealers.

I mean, talk about justthe lowest form of human life.

What did you girls sayyou deliver?


We deliver flowers,we are florists.Florists.

So anyway, tonight, neighborhoodwatch meeting/dinner party,

you'll meet all our peeps, we'llfigure out who these dirt bags

are and get them out of town.

And maybe we can ordersome flowers, too.

(cell phone chiming)You betcha.

Oh no, this won't work.

Nate, the upholsterers aresaying they're picking up

the new sofa today and it'seither today or next month.

We probably should haveheld on to the garbage sofa.

The meeting.I know.

Aw, shoot.Yeah.

Really wanted to havethat meeting tonight,

get those drug dealers.


what if we had itat your place?

Our place?If you're offering.

Are we?

Thank you!

See you then.

See you then!See you then!