• Season 1, Ep 1

sneak peek: meet the children

The girls are delivering to a couple of famous movie stars, but end up meeting some unexpected hosts first.

09/01/2016 · 1:34

(cell phone clicking)

(Jordan)Dammit, Robbie's at 13.

That asshat's actuallyclimbing.

We gotta geton this list, Paige.

What are you doing?

Oh, I might go homefor Thanksgiving

and when my friends brag tome about their engagements,

I can tell them I deliverweed to movie stars.

Oh, I'm notgonna say that.

No, I meant why are youusing my camera

on the backto take a selfie?

Because the camera onthe front isn't as sharp.

Yeah, but that's whatthe camera is for, look--

No, Jordan, I'm fine,I know how to do it!Yeah, this is howyou take...

(both gasping)

Oh!Oh, fix it.

Dude, you fix it, I don'tknow how to fix it.

You're crafty, don'tyou have glue in your bag?

I have weed in my bag.

I'm nota glue dealer!


Why is thatAsian man so tiny?

It's not a man,it's a child.



Why are thereso many of them?

Have you seenMama or Papa?


Are youthe new nannies?

Will you play with us?

(Jordan)They're looking at you.

No, they're not,they're looking at you.

I don't know howto play with kids.

You have a dog, that'sbasically the same thing.

Can we watch a show?

Yeah, sure.Oh yeah.

Oh yeah, there's so muchI wanna catch up on.

Where's the remote?

In the theater.

Home theater, sweet.(chuckling)

(text alerting)

Oh, it's anotherdelivery.

What are we gonna do?

I am not leavingwithout this picture.

You go, take the car,I'll Lyft it home.

Kids, Auntie Jordan'scoming to watch TV with you!

(glass tinkling)