• Season 6, Ep 2

sneak peek: debra asks simon if he’s delusional

Debra and Simon get heated at a family gathering during the 2-hour SEASON PREMIERE of #TeenMomOG — Monday at 9/8c.

08/18/2016 · 1:52

- Oh, there you go.- I would like--

- This is the first"hi" of the night.

- I know--I would liketo come over here

and talk to youfor a moment.

- Okay.- All right.

- All right.

- I got more winefor you, Simon.

- Please--pour it all in there.

No, I'll actuallytake the wine with me.

- It's so damn dark out here.

- All right, let me have it,what's on your mind?

- One of my greatest needsis respect.

- Sure.

- So if you [bleep]with my respect,

it doesn't make me happy.

So I've never oncebeen convicted of anything

for domestic violence,of hurting anybody.

- Mm-hmm.- Like, you think I'm a liar.

And, like, I'm full ofbull[bleep].

- I've nevercalled you a liar.

If you're gonna say that--- Simon...

- Hold on,I'm not finished.

I've never said anything to you.- So Simon--

- But if you have--- When I say--

- Okay, but--- I'm serious.

- When you don't let mefinish talking,

then that's whenI start ignoring you

and I don't listento what you say.

When somebody evertries to judge me

or say I'm, you know,domestically violent--

- I didn't say you weredomestically violent.

- In--but--

- I said that you havepassive-aggressive traits.

And you do.

We all know this.

But I'm telling you because Iwant you to be the very best

human being you can be.

- And what I'm telling you is,that I obviously love

Sophia and Farrah,but I don't need any

judgmental thingsthrown at me.

You know, if I'm verycomparable to Michael,

I mean--- You are.

- I'll probably take thatas a compliment.

He works hard,he's here all the time,

he's helping Farrah out.

And you may not appreciate that,but from what I've seen that--

- Well, why don't yourespect me?

- If you're not gonna haveFarrah's back,

and you're notgonna [bleep]--

- I have Farrah's back.- No you don't.

No you don't.- I have birth to her.

- No you don't.- Are you delusional?