• Season 2, Ep 12

Sneak Peek: Beachies

There’s a new hot app that helps beachgoers reserve space on the beach.  The only catch – it isn’t real.  Can this contestant convince anyone that it is?

01/14/2016 · 3:07


You know, findingthe perfect spot

on a crowded beachis pretty hard.

So, we invented an app

that lets you reservea place to sit.

It's called Beachiesand it's 100% fake.

So, if someone can convincepeople that it's real,

he'll walk away withsome sand dollars.

Hey!Hey, I'm sitting there!

Yeah, you!Get off!

What's your name?Nico.

Nico, this is Derek,I'm David.

We are the creatorsof the Beachies app.

It's not real,we made it up.

Your job today is you're gonnause this Beachies app, man.

And if you can convince peopleto move from they spot

so you can sit inthat spot, $20 a peep.

All right.So, what we're gonna do,

I'm gonna give you thislittle earpiece.

All right.And you go out into that beach

and you start moving peoplefrom their spot, okay?

All right.

(bleep)!It's your spot, remember.

Oh, you droppedthe earwig.

Yeah, blow the sandoff of it.

Okay, I got a lot offaith in this guy.

Nico, do you seebehind you, bro?

There's the guy in a blue shirt and a grey tank top.

(Nico)Yeah, those guys? Those guys.

And you are gonna tell themthat that is your spot.

All right.

Hey, how's it going?How you going today?

What's up?

You all heard of this--this Beachies app?

It's something where you canreserve spots on the beach.

I reserved this spotabout two weeks ago.

I was wondering if youguys could just move

a little bit over?


All right, Nico,we're sending you over

to, uh, that group, don't yousee 'em over there?

Couple of themlook like they might,

uh, you know, beat youup a little bit.


Yes!Those guys?

Yes, seriously,there's money on the line.

All right, I'll-- I'llsee what I can do.

There you go. There you go, man.

Just don't get murdered.

Hey, y'all,how's it going?

Have you all heardof this Beachies app?

Beachies app?It's this new-- yeah.

It's a new appwhere you can reserve

the specific spoton a beach.

All right, okay,get out of there.

Get out of there.Get out of there.

All right, Nico, see thosetwo girls in bikinis,

and one's got a blue bikini top,

you see those guys?

You work your charm.

How's it going?

Have you all heard ofthis Beachies app?

No.It's an app,

mainly on the West Coast,where you can reserve spots.

Yeah, so like, I actuallyreserved this spot.

Would you guys mind justmoving, like, a little bit?

I mean, my girlfriend'scoming from the car,

it's like--it's our anniversary...


(David)Girlfriend, anniversary--I like it.

...and this isactually where we met.

All right,"Latitude 48,

longitude 107,yeah, this is it."

Latitude 40.5,73.9 west.

That's exactlywhere we are.

All right,I appreciate it.

Nico with a win.

(singing, vocalizing)20 bucks.

Maybe justa little bit more?

All right, sure.

Just a teeny bit.