• Season 4

a spectacularly sexy supertease for season 4

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06/14/2016 · 1:20

- Yeah, I'm falling for you,Julia.

And I don't think I'm gonnabe able to stop it.

- He's talkingabout this finger.

- Whoa. You're talkingabout marriage here.

- ♪ There is something bigger in the dark tonight ♪

- There's no number two.Me and you.

- Here's to love.[all cheering]

- Perfect match, perfect match.

[dramatic music]

[all cheering]

- Tori, are you upset

that Camille beat youto the punch here?

- I'm not afraid of anything.

- You're not gonna back down?

- Oh, no.

- Last night, she told meshe [bleep] loved me, bro.

- She's lying to you!

We're all losingour [bleep] minds.

- You [bleep]ed another girlbehind her back.

- You fake ass bitch.

- Tell yourselfthat they're a match,

and when it shows upthat they're not,

get prepared for hellin this [bleep] house.

- This is because of her!

- Get the [bleep] away from me!- Gio!

- Get the [bleep]away from me!

I'm so [bleep] angry.

It's not right.It's just not.

- It hurts, but you got to growsome [bleep] balls.

- Pick yourself up,dust yourself off,

and you help us winthis [bleep] money.

- Let's do it.- We can make it!


- My perfect match is in there!

So I'm gonna golook for him now!

[all cheering]

- Love is love, girlfriend.

Do what you want.Free your mind.

Express yourself.